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P-8XL Auto Probe Station
적용분야 200mm
제조사 TEL
Total Accuracy  4um 
Wafer Spec Size  4,5,6 and 8 inch
Thickness 300 to 1000um
Die Size  500 to 76000um
X-Y Stage XY Probing Area  X:±118mm   Y:+112mm,-125mm
Accuracy  ±2um
Speed   200mm/s
Z Stage Z Stroke 95mm
Contact Range 65.8 ~93.3mm
Accuracy ±2um
Theta Mechanism Roatation  -7.5~+14.5°
  Accuracy  ±0.5um
Chuck Top Planarity  10um
Alignment Pattern Matching (MAGIC)
Interface   GPIB
Loader Auto Loading(5,6 and 8 inch)
Dimensions  1090(W)×1065(D) x 930(H)
Weight  750 Kg